Lëëbensätem: Venerative Blood Art Rendering Of Wuotan (Content Warning) | Visual “art”

DESCRIPTION Top-left: Ravens Huginn “thought,” and Muninn “memory” or “mind” fly in a pair. Top-center: Ansu(z)* Rune ᚨ "divinity, divine working" associated closely with the tribe of gods known as The Ōs (Old English,) Æsir (Old Norse,) Āse (Old Saxon and maybe O.H. German, we really don't know.) Spearhead is beside. Outer-Center: Two Wolves Gier & Früh (Modern German) Gir & Freh (Old High German) Geri & Freki (Old Norse,) "covetous" and "greedy." They are told to accompany Wōdan and are associated with the Úlfhéðnar/Wolfskrieger/Wolf-Warrior band who derive inspiration from Wōdan's ataraxia and ferocity in battle (likely with the aid of black henbane, amanita muscaria and different forms of alcohol.) Center: He Himself. Furious, Exalted One cloaked with spear in hand. Distributor of talents; euhemerized as chief progenitor of Early English royalty; considered god of executive secrets to the Norse kings; embodiment of the spirit of battle (with War god Zîu embodying the judgment of waging war and the actions toward a just victory,) to the Suebi, Marcomanni, Chatti and others. Associated with rage, battle, death (as psychopomp, including Holle for me) poetry, eloquence, ecstasy, wit, magic, the runes, trickery and subversion. Known in Germanic cross-cultural kennings as "life-breath, breath of life," Lëëbensätem.

Set In These Ways: On Heathen Anarchy

Heathenry, from the perspective of “less politically oriented” practitioners, seeks to reconstruct the various practices of communing and initiating reciprocity with the goddesses and gods as they were in the time of Ancient Rome. The heathenry I conceive of also wants to revive those connections, for me and so many others to be the ones through which heathenry survives, but against the grain of the current iteration of Rome, whereas many practitioners wish to reconstruct these *in accordance* with Rome, *in participation* with class society, with commodity production, with the socially-widened disconnect from the land. Heathens who know the ends and means of the Empire know that there can be no coexistence between the two, as only one of the parties concerned are bent on world destruction.

A Notice And A Poem

A more direct update: I am currently submerged in building on three priority manuscripts with roughly two to three secondary manuscripts for long-term projects. Please understand that I am trying to balance this with the grueling personal affairs of trying to exist as a person. Thank You for your patience. For your time, I have finished editing a poem from my primary manuscript and have decided to make it available here.